Publikasi 2018

Jurnal Internasional 2018

No. Authors Title Publication
1 Megantara, S., Levita, J., Iwo, M.I., Ibrahim, S. Absorption, distribution and toxicity prediction of andrographolide and its derivatives as anti-HIV drugs Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment 2018, vol. 22 Special Issue 1, pp 82-85
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3 Ratwita, W., Sukandar, E.Y., Kurniati, N.F., Adnyana, I.K. Alpha mangostin and xanthone from mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) role on insulin tolerance and PPAR-γ in preclinical model diabetes mellitus Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences 2018, 8 (3), pp 83-89
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