Learning Outcomes – STF

General Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss and present academic work orally supported with current technology;
  2. Write and disseminate scientific reports based on experiment results or literature studies;
  3. Work together as a team;
  4. Show good attitude in academic and social settings;
  5. Develop responsibility, open-mindedness, honesty, curiosity and perseverance;
  6. Show at least moderate proficiency in English.

Learning Outcomes of the Undergraduate Programme in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

  1. Explain drugs classification and mechanism of action as well as their interaction;
  2. Describe the characteristics of drug based on chemical structure to support all aspects in pharmaceutical science;
  3. Recognize physical, chemical and physicochemical properties of pharmaceutical ingredients in relation to drug formulation;
  4. Describe the methods applied in drug discovery;
  5. Formulate and prepare pharmaceutical dosage forms;
  6. Conduct chemical, instrumental and microbial analysis methods of raw materials and finished pharmaceutical preparation;
  7. Demonstrate production process and characterization of natural products;
  8. Design formula and manufacturing process of pharmaceutical preparation;
  9. Determine the action, fate, and path of drug based on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics aspects;

Develop the analytical methods for quality control and assurance of pharmaceutical preparations.