Kuliah Tamu "Extended Formulation for Efficacy" dari Prof. Dr. Johann W. Wiechers

Sekolah Farmasi ITB telah menyelenggarakan kuliah tamu dari Prof. Dr. Johann W. Wiechers (Independent Consultant for Cosmetic Science, JW Solutions, Gouda, The Netherlands) dengan topik “Extended Formulation for Efficacy” pada hari Senin, 29 november 2010, pukul 11.00 – 13.00 di Ruang Seminar Lt. 3 Sekolah Farmasi ITB.

Berikut abstrak dari kuliah tamu tersebut:

Via some theoretical calculations and some in vitro experiments, one can calculate the difference in concentrations of active needed at the target site and delivered at the target site within the skin. The ratio of the two is called the delivery gap. The extent of this delivery gap determines.

The choice of the skin delivery system that one could (or should) use to obtain effective levels at the target site. When there is no delivery gap, skin delivery is not an issue but those well-penetrating actives have all been fully exploited by now in both cosmetics and pharmaceutics. When the skin delivery gap is small, the “Formulating for Efficacy” approach may work. When the delivery gap is big, specially designed delivery systems should be used but which one is the most appropriate also depends on secondary characteristics such as stability and kinetic considerations.

It will become apparent that many suppliers of delivery systems promise a lot but do not provide the quantitative enhancement factors that are needed to justify the use of their products. Even with these technologies at hand, one cannot deliver all actives and APIs in sufficient quantities and this talk will therefore end with microneedles as the latest extension of the skin delivery system portfolio in cosmetics.

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