Kuliah Tamu "Crystal Structure Analysis by Powder X-Ray Diffractometer" dari Prof. Dr. Hidehiro Uekusa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Sekolah Farmasi ITB pada hari Kamis, 25 November 2010, bertempat di ruang Seminar Lt. 3 telah diselenggarakan kuliah umum dari Prof. Dr. Hidehiro Uekusa dari Tokyo Institute of Technology dengan topik “Crystal Structure Analysis by Powder X-Ray Diffractometer”.

Berikut abstrak dari kuliah tamu tersebut:

In many fields of materials science, crystal structure analysis is one of the most important technique to characterize the solid materials, because their physical and chemical properties often well explained by molecular and crystal structures. However, a well-grown suitable single-crystal is often unavailable for single crystal structure analysis.  Also, phase transition phenomena that may cause interesting property change of crystal would lead loss of single-crystallinity. In such case, ab initio Structure Determination from Powder X-ray Diffraction data (SDPD) is efficient technique.  In this talk, the SDPD technique is introduced and some applications for organic materials including pharmaceutical compounds are presented.

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