Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

The Pharmacy Science and Technology Study Program examines science and technology in the pharmaceutical field, including various aspects related to pharmaceutical products, starting from the search/discovery, processing and developing raw materials and ended as ready-to-use pharmaceutical. In another word, this study program is oriented to the development of pharmacy science and technology or its approach mainly focused on the needs of research, development, production and inspection of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. product oriented .

Competence of Graduates

Graduates of the Bachelor program (S1) of Pharmacy Science and Technology are expected to be able to fill the needs of the society. These needs encourage the Graduates in having the ability to apply and develop science and technology and to be able to carry out work duties and functions in the fields of production, quality control, research, and development of pharmaceutical products.

Since 2006 the Pharmacy Science and Technology Study Program of the ITB School of Pharmacy has opened an International Class by selection to attract prospective students from abroad who are interested in continuing their studies at the ITB School of Pharmacy.


Being the organizer of an excellent pharmaceutical undergraduate education program in the field of pharmaceutical science and technology at the national and international level.


  1. Conducting higher education in pharmaceutical science and technology with high quality and Excellency.
  2. Organizing and disseminating innovative, competitive, and sustainable research in the pharmaceutical and health fields, particularly contributing to the empowerment of Indonesian natural medicines.
  3. Applying the results of research and the development of the latest knowledge in community service activities.


  1. Mastering pharmacy science and technology, which includes theoretical concepts, kinetics, working mechanisms, and their relationship to physio-chemical properties and biological activities of drugs and other pharmaceutical preparations.
  2. To produce graduates who are innovative and able to contribute to the search and development of safe, effective, quality, and affordable pharmaceutical preparations.
  3. Able to identify and solve problems related to the design, manufacture, quality assurance and monitoring, and distribution of pharmaceutical preparations.


General Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss and present academic work orally supported with current technology;
  2. Write and disseminate scientific reports based on experiment results or literature studies;
  3. Work together as a team;
  4. Show good attitude in academic and social settings;
  5. Develop responsibility, open-mindedness, honesty, curiosity and perseverance;
  6. Show at least moderate proficiency in English.


Learning Outcomes of the Undergraduate Programme in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

  1. Explain drugs classification and mechanism of action as well as their interaction;
  2. Describe the characteristics of drug based on chemical structure to support all aspects in pharmaceutical science;
  3. Recognize physical, chemical and physicochemical properties of pharmaceutical ingredients in relation to drug formulation;
  4. Describe the methods applied in drug discovery;
  5. Formulate and prepare pharmaceutical dosage forms;
  6. Conduct chemical, instrumental and microbial analysis methods of raw materials and finished pharmaceutical preparation;
  7. Demonstrate production process and characterization of natural products;
  8. Design formula and manufacturing process of pharmaceutical preparation;
  9. Determine the action, fate, and path of drug based on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics aspects;
  10. Develop the analytical methods for quality control and assurance of pharmaceutical preparations.

(1) Introduction to Pharmacy & Health (4.17 ECTS)
(2) Basics of Drug Design (8.34 ECTS)
(3) Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis (5.56 ECTS)
(4) Microbiology (4.17 ECTS)
(5) Pharmaceutical Compounding and Manufacturing (9.73 ECTS)
(6) Basic Phytopharmacy (6.95 ECTS)
(7) Human Anatomy and Physiology (5.56 ECTS)
(8) Environmental Pharmacy (2.78 ECTS)
(9) Pharmaceutical Statistics (2.78 ECTS)
(10) Pharmaceutical Analysis (11.12 ECTS)
(11) Pharmaceutical Technology (11.12 ECTS)
(12) Basic Pharmacology and Toxicology (5.56 ECTS)
(13) Phytopharmacy (9.73 ECTS)
(14) Principles of Drug Regimen (6.95 ECTS)
(15) Principles of Drug Action and Rational Therapy (11.12 ECTS)
(16) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (4.17 ECTS)
(17) Management and Entrepreneurship (2.78 ECTS)
(18) Principles of Drug Design (5.56 ECTS)
(19) Principles of Drug Manufacturing (2.78 ECTS)
(20) Integrated Phytopharmacy (2.78 ECTS)
(21) Final Project (11.11 ECTS)

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