Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Can the MBKM credit be claimed in addition to the Pharmacy Professional Practice (PPF) credits?

A: Yes, PPF can be claimed as MBKM credits if the PPF internship location has a form of collaboration with Schoof of Pharmacy ITB (MoU). The condition is that there must be a letter of cooperation agreement with partners. So, it can't be just one side. Later, the SF MBKM team will collect data on companies that have collaborated with us and companies that work with SF will be displayed on the MBKM website. Students can claim MBKM credits in the short semester if the internship location already have an MOU. If it cannot be claimed, there are still two PPF credits available.

Q: Can MBKM credits be obtained by winning a competition?

A: Yes, the competition winner can claim their winning to be converted into MBKM credits. There are courses that can be used to earn MBKM (1-2 credits). The issue is that the MBKM credits is only valid for one competition winning.

Q: Is it permissible to claim MBKM credits for assistant activities completed in the previous semester?

A: It's a little difficult because a letter of approval from the study program is required. MBKM credits can be claimed by following conditions: there must be a third party (another institution/company). It cannot be claimed if the ITB assistant is similar to a lab assistant.

Q: Where can I find a list of partner universities/companies?

A: It will be available on the MBKM website later. Universities that accept student exchanges only accept students from accredited A universities. If students want to take courses at other universities (accredited A), they can use their MBKM credits as elective courses. Many industries have collaborated with the SF ITB.